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Fundraising with Envirotrend
Fundraising in the UK is a multi-million pound industry. Selling snacks and candy delivers an unhealthy message and makes no educational purpose when raising funds for your cause.
With the health revolution upon us and the trend to become more environmentally conscious, what better way to kick off your fundraising event with an EnviroTrend UK Online Fundraiser?
Each fundraiser will be given a unique code to give to family, friends, potential donors and companies and we will handle the rest. 
Your organisation will receive 50% of every purchase made each time your unique code is used at EnviroTrend's checkout. At the end of your fundraising campaign, we will write your organisation a cheque for 50% of total sales. 
Send a new message out to your community and show you can raise funds by supporting not only a healthy cause but one with an environmental message.
Contact our team today at info@envirotrend.co.uk and we can start your fundraiser within 1 to 2 business days.

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