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The Mud Life Review

The Mud Life Magazine

We recently received a terrific review from The Mud Life online magazine.

They reviewed our SakItToMe bags and the outcome was very good. Below is a snippet of the review, but you can see the full article HERE.

Not all re-usable shopping bags are created equal!

The other day, my friend and I both ended up buying some stuff when we were out, and we both had pack away bags; that is where the similarities ends. Her bag, when folded away, was twice the size of the SAKitToMe, and didn't have a keyring clip, so it took up quite a bit of her handbag, whereas the SAKitToMe is only 4"x1.5" folded up and the handy clip means that I can attach it to the outside of my bag. Although my friend's bag was twice the size when folded, it was about two thirds the size of mine when opened. The SAKitToMe is a mega roomy 19.5" x 16.5" size, and can hold up to a whopping 15Kg!! (That's a good amount of wine!)


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